I decided to create a blog so that I could share my sports autograph collection. I mainly collect autographs on Sports Illustrated covers, but I do have other signed pieces as well. Most of these were obtained through the mail, so it's hard to verify their authenticity, but I don't plan on selling them so in the end, I guess it doesn't really matter all that much to me. I do compare them to authentic autographs on ebay, and for the most part the autographs I've receive seem to match. There are only a few that do not seem to look alike. Most of the addresses were obtained either through Harvey Meiselman's address lists, or through If you are interested in collecting sports autographs, both of these references are indispensable and well worth the money you pay for them. I normally enclose a short letter with the magazine request. Sometimes the athlete will jot a quick note (or some other item), along with the signed item. One of the unique things I like to do is that for Christian athletes, I ask them to include their favorite bible verse reference along with their signature. So far, every single one has obliged, and every single verse has been different. My overall success rate is around 80%. A very cheap way to get autographs of athletes who would otherwise charge much higher to sign at a show. On occasion some athletes will have a through the mail signing fee, and sometimes I will just send someone money as a small token of appreciation, but for the most part, the autographs come free. The autographs I've received are listed here by the date I received them back, not by the date they were sent out. None of these magazines are for sale, but I do have unsigned Sports Illustrated magazines for sale. If interested, please contact me using the link below. Thanks for visiting.

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