7/30/08 - Neil O'Donnell

This cover has a dark background with some small photos, so it wasn't the best one to send for an autograph. He also appears that he signed it very abbreviated. But always good to get e return nevertheless.

7/30/08 - Mark van Eeghen

A couple of nice signatures from one of the great Raider running backs of the late 70s. I like how intense he looks in both photos. He also sent along nice note.

7/25/08 - Gerry Cooney

This was the second time I've sent to Gerry Cooney, but this time was only a partial success. I actually sent him two issues, but he only returned one. The issue that he didn't return showed him getting punched in the face by Larry Holmes, so maybe he threw that one out. Oh well.

7/24/08 - Curtis Strange

This is a nice clear signature from the two time U.S. Open champion and one of the premier golfers of the 80s. The U.S. Open victory shown on the cover was the last PGA tournament he ever won. The autographs has a definite left-handed slant to it.

7/22/08 - Bill Parcells

This was my second attempt to Coach Parcells. The first attempt never came back, but I had sent him my request right when he got hired by ESPN so maybe the mail got lost in the shuffle.

7/21/08 - Mark Price

There were two unique happenings with this request. First, Mark Price was the first person who did not oblige my request to add a favorite Bible verse reference. Secondly, I must have forgotten to self-address the return envelope, because it came back in someone else's (Mark's) writing.

7/12/08 - Mercury Morris

I like the color scheme of this issue because it screams 1970s. Whenever an NFL team starts the season undefeated, they Mercury Morris because he always has an interesting quote. Last year when everyone was talking about the 12-0 Patriots, he said something about, "they're in our neighborhood, but come talk to me when they're knocking on our door."

7/11/08 - Kordell Stewart

Got two covers signed by Kordell "Slash" Stewart. A really nice looking signature, and the first ones I've ever gotten back where the date was included with the autograph.

7/10/08 - Wendell Tyler

This is a cool cover photo because the sunlight is focused directly on Wendell Tyler while everyone else is off in the shadows.

7/8/08 - Bruce Jenner

To anyone under 25, they probably only know Bruce Jenner as the stepdad on the Kardashian reality show. In fact, this request was sent through the Kardashian offices in Calabassas. I think this is a pretty cool cover, especially with the red and blue masthead that SI did for the Olympics.

7/5/08 - Jeff George

Jeff George included his own trading card in an envelope along with my request. On the back he had some little sayings on it and he had signed it. I imagine he has a stack of these pre-signed cards and that he carries around and hands them out to little kids who come up to him. Stay in school! Eat your vegetables! Kinda neat, something you might expect of an old time athlete or celebrity. Surprising, since Jeff George wasn't really known to be all that congenial of a player during his career.