5/23/15 - More Used Bookstore Finds (Apolo Ohno, Amy Alcott, Steve Saint and Mincaye, Frank Pastore)

I picked up a few more books at the used bookstore.  I happened to find three signed books.

Apolo Ohno has won 8 Olympic medals i ice skating.  He's also known for winning Dancing With the Stars, and also Subway commercials.  This book was $5 but I had a coupon for $3 off my total purchase so it was somewhat cheaper.
 Amy Alcott has won 5 LPGA majors and 29 tournaments overall, and is in the Gold Hall of Fame.  She is a local product from Los Angeles. This was another $5 purchase.
Steve Saint is the son of Nate Saint, who was one of the missionaries who were killed, along with Jim Elliot, in South America.  The book is also signed (fingerprint) by Mincaye, who was one of the Indians who killed the missionaries but later accepted Christ and became part of the family.  This was a $1 purchase.

Frank Pastore was a former baseball player who later became a Christian talk radio show host.  I found his signed autobiography for $1.