2/12/11 - Alonzo Mourning

As you may have noticed, I've stopped actively sending out Sports Illustrated magazines for autographs. Not because I've lost interest, but because time seems to be so limited these days. Nevertheless, I somehow seem to add to my autograph collection, albeit at a much slower pace than before. Today I got a very unexpected surprise. I recently ordered a used book from Amazon.com. It was Alonzo Mourning's autobiography Resilience. I order a used copy for 88 cents plus shipping. The condition of the book was listed as new. Well when I received it, I could tell it wasn't quite new, but it was still in very nice condition. The best part? The inside cover had been signed by Alonzo Mourning himself. Whoever Kat is donated this book to Goodwill, who then sold it to me on Amazon.com for 88 cents. What a deal!