6/28/08 - A.J. Foyt

AJ Foyt is probably the greatest Indy car driver in history, so I was glad to get his signature on these issues. His autograph looks pretty different between the two. His website said that they don't accept autograph requests through the mail, but I guess they do.

6/26/08 - Walter Davis

6/26/08 - Maurice Cheeks

The coolest thing Maurice Cheeks did was when he helped the little girl who forgot the words to the National Anthem a few years ago while he was coaching the Trail Blazers. The second coolest thing Maurice Cheeks did was to sign my SI request!

6/23/08 - Billy Sims

This was another second time request. It was cool that he added the '78 Heisman and the '80 ROY inscriptions. The 1980 cover is a pretty sweet looking shot in my opinion.

6/23/08 - Billie Jean King

Signed by one of the pioneers in womens' sports.

6/20/08 - Dixie Smith Luque

This one was a little random and took a little bit of detective work to locate, but turned out a success. I just Googled some of the names and I found a business address for Dixie Smith Luque, so I mailed it to her office. It's always a little difficult with females because their last names could have changed. I thought her response to my comment in the letter I included was interesting.

6/14/08 - Herschel Walker

This was a third time request. Herschel has always returned his requests quickly, and now I finally have all of his SI covers autographed. Notice how there is a greeting on each cover. Probably the best signer I have dealt with through the mail.

6/11/08 - Jim McMahon

Another second time success.

6/11/08 - Bobby Bonilla

I got this one back from Al B. Sure. I mean Bobby Bonilla.

6/9/08 - Bonnie Blair

A second time success from the Olympic champion. The blue Sharpie looks pretty cool against the stark white background of the second cover.

6/7/08 - Jim Craig

A very crisp autograph from the hero of the 1980 Miracle On Ice US Hockey Team.

6/6/08 - Mike Rozier

Signed by one of the stars of the incredible 1983 Nebraska Cornhuskers team.

6/5/08 - Todd Marinovich

This was the first magazine I received back after resuming the hobby after taking a few months off. Todd Marinovich grew up locally and was a little bit older than me, so I remember reading a lot about him. His dad groomed him to be a professional football player, never allowing him to eat processed sugars, Big Macs or even drink a Coke.