7/3/15 - More Used Bookstore Finds (James Blake, Leigh Steinberg, Lou Holtz)

Again I picked up a few more signed books at the used bookstore.  I don't know much about James Blake, but I found his signed autobiography and picked it up for $5 (less $3 off coupon on total purchase).  The personalization part of the autograph looks almost like a child's writing.
I found super agent Leigh Steinberg's signed autobgraphy for $5 also.  I already own a copy of this book, but I thought a signed version would be a nice addition to my collection.  He also added the famous line from Jerry Maguire (which was loosely based on him), "Show me the $".
I am a fan of Notre Dame football, especially during the Lou Holtz years, so I have read a few books on that era.  I'm not sure what to think of Coach Holtz, but I found a signed copy of his book for $5.  The autograph looks printed on, but when you look at the back of the page, the ink has soaked thru to varying degrees so I assume it's authentic.  If anyone else who has a copy of this book could verify that, I'd be grateful.

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